Be Supportive Get Supported: Inspire and Understand your Millennials To Drive Your Bottom Line Growth with Rachael Bozsik

Millennials are putting your business in a frustrating and costly situation. This generation is tricky and may we add very (very) expensive. Only 50% of millennials plan to be with their company (yes…your company) one year from now. These skyrocketing turnovers are costing the U.S. economy $30.5 billion annually. This group speaks, communicates and holds vastly different work ideals than all other generations. Rachael Bozsik is the millennial entrepreneur behind The Brand Girls. and she brings an extremely powerful angle to what you should do, say and develop in order to retain and empower millennials in your workplace.  Presented by Rachael Bozsik, Millenial Workplace Expert, Next Generation Thought Leader, CEO + Founder of The Brand Girls