Nailah Thompson, DO, MD

Dr. Thompson fully realizes the importance of not only establishing a medical diagnosis and treatment and teaching preventive healthcare, but also identifying and addressing barriers to health and health care which is a key to Kaiser Permanente’s mission.

Along with being a Primary Care Physician, Dr. Thompson is the newly appointed program director of the Internal Medicine Health Disparities and Health Equity track at the Oakland Medical Center.

In August of 2015, she started a Specialty Blood Pressure Clinic at the Oakland Medical Center as a service to all Black/African American patients in the East Bay with poorly controlled hypertension. This clinic is dedicated to improving blood pressure control in the Black/African American community and addressing and eliminating the disparities.

Dr. Thompson serves on the Kaiser Permanente East Bay Diversity and Inclusion Committee as chair of the Clinical Care Sub-Committee.

Besides her work in the clinic and hospital, Dr. Thompson spends a significant amount of time in the community working on health education beginning with focusing on the importance of healthy eating, drinking and being active in children. She works with both the NBA and the Golden State Warriors in the Kaiser Permanente NBA FIT and GET FIT clinics and is committed to improving the health of the city of Oakland.