Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging with Pat Wadors

April 2017


Join us for PBWC’s April 2017 Webinar — Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging with Pat Wadors


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Traditional Diversity and Inclusion efforts fall short unless employees feel that they belong. Pat Wadors, Head of Talent for LinkedIn, is on a mission to bring “belonging” into the diversity conversation. Why? Only when we feel psychologically safe can we unleash our best selves. When we’re part of a team that values our opinion, we speak up and contribute more. Powerful communities are not created by accident. They can actually be created intentionally using tested principles. Join us for an engaging discussion on how to create great communities. Learn how to: Generate an environment of trust that leads to a “culture of belonging”; Harness the power of storytelling to instantly build connectedness among teams; Leverage the seven principles of belonging.