The Impostor Breakthrough: From Anxiety to Resilience Hosted by Intel – SOLD OUT

September 2, 2020 - 4:00 PM PST


The Impostor Syndrome: a psychological pattern of behavior that breeds self-doubt, constant questioning of competence, and a reduced sense of belonging – and leaves 70 percent of U.S. workers unable to unlock their full professional potential.


That’s almost three in every four Americans who experience symptoms of general anxiety, ongoing stress and persistent workaholism to offset a fear of being exposed as a fraud. And it’s worse for women and minorities who face greater barriers to advancement and pressures of being the “only” one in the room.


At this workshop, Kate Purmal and Joshua Isaac Smith will review the behaviors, causes and triggers associated with Impostor Syndrome, and share ways to overcome these persistent patterns and increase your work-based resiliency.


This is an interactive, virtual workshop that requires live participation.


This event is sold out.