Management Team


Debbie Gisonni

Debbie brings over twenty years combined experience in corporate executive roles, nonprofit leadership and independent consulting. She has embodied the spirit of innovation and reinvention throughout her career with leadership positions across diverse industries such as high tech, publishing, health and wellness, women’s leadership and education. At the height of the Internet revolution, Debbie was […]

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Kathryn Larson

Kathryn Larson

Kathryn brings more than 25 years of executive experience to PBWC specializing in Strategy, Marketing and Business Development. She joined PBWC in October of 2012. Prior to joining PBWC, Kathryn served as Senior Vice President, Bank of America, where she led the Western Region Global Wealth Management Insurance Division. Kathryn has held various leadership roles […]

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Carolyn Pon

Carolyn Pon

As PBWC’s community director, Carolyn is one of the first points of contact for PBWC sponsors and community members. She designs, develops, and oversees community events, monthly webinars, and eLearning programs. She manages the PBWC volunteer program and is also responsible for the PBWC social media strategy and its implementation. Carolyn is constantly on the […]

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jenny Inouye

Jennifer Inouye

Jenny joined PBWC in 2013 helping to coordinate online events, and now works on membership, webinars, Community Events, and eLearning programs.  She has nearly 20 years as a litigation consultant, working on civil cases across the country. Currently, she is launching a division of Artafact Research to conduct online jury research.

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Roxanne Verduzco

Roxanne Verduzco

Roxanne has over 10 years experience in communications and is currently serving as the Social Media Manager for PBWC. In addition to her work with PBWC, having joined in 2010, she is the mother of two boys. Roxanne is a Bay Area native and currently lives with her husband and children in Oakland. She received her […]

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