Find out how your sponsorship can help PBWC accomplish its mission.

Why sponsor PBWC?

  • Align your brand with one of the nation’s leading organizations working for workplace equality
  • Access an engaged audience of ambitious professionals for marketing, research and other business purposes
  • Sell and sample to a highly desirable demographic
  • Position your company as an employer of choice, committed to diversity, inclusion and belonging
  • Network with diverse individuals and organizations
  • Provide employees with skill development and leadership training

90% of PBWC conference attendees are more likely to buy products and services from sponsoring companies

92% of PBWC conference attendees are more inclined to work for sponsoring companies

PBWC sponsors benefit from valuable brand alignment with an organization known for diversity, inclusion and empowerment, plus the opportunity to promote their products, services and programs.

For more information on conference sponsorship opportunities, please email us at info@pbwc.org.