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Meet the Management Team

Meet the Management Team

Nicole Soluri headshot

Nicole Soluri

Chief Executive Officer

Nicole serves as PBWC’s CEO, and brings almost 20 years of combined experience in senior executive and legal roles, and nonprofit and government leadership, across industries. Nicole previously served as a member of PBWC’s board of directors, including three years as Board Chair and President. Most recently, Soluri served as an

Liz Tunquist headshot

Elizabeth Tunquist

Operations Director

Liz brings a passion for equality and diversity to the PBWC team, and works to support women in the workplace and through the global pandemic. As Operations Director, she is responsible for developing and managing systems within the organization to create sustainable, scalable and efficient programs that benefit our community. Liz brings

Jennifer Inouye

Community Manager

Jenny believes a diverse and inclusive community helps individuals, teams, and organizations to thrive both personally and professionally, and strongly supports PBWC’s vision of a future that supports all. She started at PBWC in 2013 as a volunteer, and now helps with membership, webinars, and other events.

Stephanie Heishman

Programming Advisor

Stephanie is an indispensable force in the realm of event management, bringing her expertise to both domestic and international stages, serving as program lead for numerous nonprofit and corporate events. For nearly a decade, Stephanie has carefully curated content and talent in collaboration with the PBWC team, sourcing and booking