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It’s time for Men to Champion Women in Tech

It’s time for Men to Champion Women in Tech

Deepti Srivastava, PBWC Board member –

As a technical woman, working in tech, and as someone who definitely contemplated giving up a tech career a few years ago because of all the reasons mentioned in this article and others like it, I can say that I have personally experienced how detrimental a negative culture can be to your female tech workforce. I can also say from personal experience how much it helps to have peers and leaders / managers support you and make you feel you’re valuable and part of the conversation.

If you’re a male in tech, I can’t stress this enough – if you think a female coworker is valuable to your team, let her know. And let her peers and managers know. It’s not about coddling or being “extra nice”. Everyone who takes pride in their work, and I certainly do, wants true appreciation and nothing more. Don’t ignore me or look down on me. If you don’t think I’m useful, fine. But if you do think I contribute positively and have an impact on the team/product/company, speak up!

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