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A Call for Civility

A Call for Civility

As we think about PBWC’s work—empowering and uplifting, working diligently to level the playing field for women and other un- and under-represented groups, we pause to reflect on civility, the cornerstone of inclusion.

Our views may differ—yours and mine. That is a good thing, because it is the power of many perspectives that produces breakthrough ideas, smarter solutions, market innovations, stronger companies and a better world.

However, when I disrespect or dehumanize your views; when I distort or misrepresent, and when I don’t listen with a compassionate heart and open mind, divergent voices are first excluded and ultimately silenced. Civility is critical. Because incivility can start a chain reaction that will take us from exclusion to silence.

And when voices are silenced, companies and communities lose the power and promise of diverse perspectives.

So, as we move through our days, let each of us model civility in our workplaces, our homes and our communities. Let each of us speak up for civility when incivility arises. And, let us all stand together for an inclusive world.


-PBWC Board & Operating Team