Branded for Life with Ellen Looyen

Ellen Looyen "Branded for Life!"

8 Elements to Transform Your Personal Brand Career and Life

Begins April 8, 2015
Book Study, 3-Session eLearning Series

Read Ellen’s 140 page book

April 8th Session #1:
Examine Your Current Personal Impact

April 15th Session #2:
Articulate Your Unique Contributions

April 22nd Session #3:
Tell a Compelling Branding Story

All sessions will run from 9-10:30am PT; and they will all be recorded

Ellen LooyenEllen Looyen, America’s leader in personal branding, brings over two decades of branding expertise to her readers. She has branded divisions of major corporations, launched countless startups and has helped thousands of people (in over 60 countries) advance their corporate careers. Ellen is a frequent Brand Commentator for CBS News, The Wall Street Journal and KGO Radio. Some of her clients include Goldman Sachs, Cisco, Hewlett Packard, eBay, Visa, SAP, Oracle and Campbell’s Soup Company.

At last! Professional branding defined! A great story about creating your brand through finding your true and unique self. Ellen’s book is an interesting, useful and valuable guide to changing the way you view, acknowledge and leverage your talents.

– Amanda Page, Change Lead, Cisco, UK

- Amanda Page, Change Lead, Cisco, UK

Easy and fun to read, this book goes beyond the typical branding exercises and provides unique and insightful tools to communicate your value confidently and authentically. A little gem of a book that can be read again and again as one evolves in their professional and personal journey.

– Menexia Tsoubeli, Ph.D., Director R&D, Campbell’s Soup

- Menexia Tsoubeli, Ph.D., Director R&D, Campbell's Soup

Receive Expert Coaching with Ellen Looyen LIVE!

In these three, 90-minute group coaching sessions, you will examine the current perceptions people have of you and your work, craft a compelling personal brand Story and enhance your impact on those you most want to influence.

You Already Have a Personal Brand, Whether You’re Managing It, or Not!

  • Convey the best version of yourself
  • Communicate your uniqueness and value
  • Enhance your confidence, presence and influence
  • Become the one people like, hire and promote

Please Note: This is the shortened, less time/money, “Cliff Note” version of Ellen’s popular eLearning series (based on her new book). eBook included; paperback book is available at for $19.95.