Peak Performance: Be More Effective at Work, Spend More Time at Play and Be Happier with Camille Preston, PhD, PCC

Leaders look for creative ways to get more done faster, more easily, cheaper. McKinsey research shows executives who spend 15 to 20% more time in flow double their productivity. Flow is about peak performance – it’s about working smarter not harder.  In Flow, individuals are 500% more productive and up to 700% more creative.    While technology has blurred the separation between work and home life, most have not reexamined and redesigned how we operate.  Create More Flow (CMF) helps busy leaders to redesign how they operate at work, at home, in life so they experience more flow, more often. CMF is at the intersection of impact, engagement and presence.  We understand and make actionable the five phases of flow and the neuroscience behind increasing flow.  Research consistently shows people are more productive and happier the more flow they experience.

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