The Mobius Bias Project – Invisible Nudges, Big Effects, and the Choice of Greater Gender Diversity with Annick Labadie

Engage in a refreshing and powerful conversation about the subtle, unintended, yet very sophisticated influence of unconscious gender biases. We’ll explore how and why these associations form. We’ll experience our own biases in actions, and the struggle between the conflicting beliefs we hold in two separate parts of our brain. And we’ll look at how these invisible inner dynamics show up in our every day behaviors, interactions, assessments and decisions.

Annick is the founder of the “Mobius Bias Project” (MBP), a consulting firm helping organizations shift the tone and focus of conversations on diversity & inclusion. Inquisitive at heart, she leads program design and service innovation at MBP.   As a facilitator and coach, her empathic listening, fierce courage and sense of humour help her work with leaders in shifting their way of viewing their world, and their unique imprint within it.  Annick has worked at Mckinsey & Company as a consultant, and spent a decade dabbling with a number of academic disciplines, including physics, engineering, ethics, gender studies and creative writing. She is a Rhodes Scholar. Outside work, she trains for half-distance ironman triathlons with her partner Phil, and supports a Non Profit providing leadership development to sport coaches, “Pour 3 Points”.

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