Fake It ’til You Make It!

Fake It ’til You Make It!

By Ariel McNichol:

This is a quirky story…faking it until you make it! From www.twitter.com/ari: “It was my first job out of college at a post production video company. One of our biggest clients was a confident, razor-sharp woman…I wanted to be just like her. I shyly asked her if she had any advice and she said “do your

self this one favor, fake it until you make it…I hire people all the time, and I always want to hire women but they usually tell me what they don’t know…whereas the men just lie, but once you’re hired, you’re in and can learn on the job.” A few days later she asked me if i was ready to lead design one of her campaigns and although totally unsure I was, I said yes. I ended up doing dozens of huge, award winning campaigns for her…and later, I learned other empowering things on the job, like coding in a variety of languages, spearheading prototypes for giant corporations and launching multiple tech startups..#grateful for the leap of faith that this women instilled in me. #LiftUp#pbwc

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