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Time For Change

Time For Change

Dear PBWC Community,

As we pause to reflect, remember and mourn so many lives lost and so many lives forever changed, we offer our deepest condolences to all who are grieving. In truth, we are all grieving.

We have arrived at a moment in our nation’s history that is both unprecedented and unthinkable.

What does it say about our country when our public spaces—streets, stores and even schools—are no longer safe? What does it say about our society when mass killings become routine?

Solutions to our nation’s epidemic of gun violence may not be obvious. Certainly, solutions will not come easy. Some of us may need to give up something we hold dear. Many if not all of us may need to find the flexibility to commit to compromise.

But the evidence is overwhelming: it is time for change.

As a country, who have we become if we do not have the courage to pursue solutions? Ours is a wealthy and principled nation. We possess both the vision and resources to move our country forward to a better place—safe, prosperous and equitable for all.

Please join us as we call upon our lawmakers to consider the possibilities, come together in the interests of our citizenry, and make thoughtful legislative changes that protect our rights and our safety.

Finally, please join us as we celebrate the beauty of a diverse nation and the values of an inclusive society. Demeaning others isn’t just bad form, it catalyzes unthinkable outcomes.

With Respect,

The PBWC Board and Operating Team