Convince Your Boss Letter - Professional BusinessWomen of California

Would you like to purchase a virtual ticket to PBWC’s 35th Anniversary Conference, but need help getting your boss on board?


We’ve got you covered!


Use the template below to persuade your supervisor to approve your participation in PBWC’s professional development conference and request reimbursement for your virtual ticket. Tailor as needed to fit your personal situation.

Subject Line:

Request for Approval: Participation at PBWC’s Professional Development Conference


Email Message:

Dear [NAME],


I am writing to request approval for the purchase of a virtual conference ticket to the Professional BusinessWomen of California’s (PBWC) annual conference.


PBWC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides skill development and networking opportunities to women at all career levels. PBWC has hosted this well-received annual development conference for 35 years – here’s a link to this year’s event:


Participating in this conference supports my career development, our team, and the company in several ways:


  1. Professional Development: The speakers include business leaders and change-makers who will share valuable insights about successfully tapping into our best selves, and help me to develop tactical and strategic skills I can apply directly to my role here.
  2. Networking Opportunities: I’ll also get the opportunity to attend live, hosted networking sessions with peers, industry leaders, and potential customers, clients and collaborators.
  3. Personal Growth: In addition to the more general professional benefits, attending PBWC’s conference will also contribute to my overall personal growth and development, and ability to contribute here. With session topics that include leadership, professional and personal fulfillment, and more, I will gain valuable strategies that advance my career goals.
  4. Promoting Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Participating in the virtual conference demonstrates [COMPANY NAME]’s support for diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives aimed at empowering and elevating women in the workplace.
  5. Sharing at [COMPANY NAME]: After watching the keynote recordings and attending live networking sessions, I’d be happy to put together a summary or short presentation for folks here with my major takeaways, best practices, and recommendations. This way, we all get to benefit from my participation.


What I learn at PBWC’s conference will help me better approach my work and will especially help me with these current projects:

  • [add project or initiative here]
  • [add project or initiative here]


[If you have specific performance review goals that tie to the conference program, consider mentioning that as well]


Virtual ticket registration is $125 and includes:

  • On-demand access to conference keynote recordings from Martha Stewart, Kara Swisher, Chip Conley and more, available from May 29, 2024 until June 22, 2024
  • Invitations to live, virtual, topic-focused networking sessions during the week of May 28th to learn and expand my network
  • Practical and actionable takeaways on leadership, career planning, well-being, professional and personal fulfillment, and more


Thank you for considering this request. I look forward to your reply.


Best regards,