The Future of Work is Play! with Gwen Gordon

October 2016


Join us for PBWC’s October 2016 Webinar — The Future of Work is Play! with Gwen Gordon


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Most of us have been raised to think of play as a frivolous distraction from serious business. But what if we got it backwards? What if play is the essential ingredient for our success at work and life? Join Gwen as she turns the work ethic on its head and connects some surprising dots to show how the future of work is play, how playful workplaces are more agile, creative, and collaborative, and how we can transform our workplace from a providing ground and battlefield into a playground.


Key takeaways

  • The evolutionary context for the play movement
  • Why play? The costs when we don’t, the benefits when we do
  • A bird’s eye view of the play movement… everywhere!
  • How the future of work is play
  • Tips for turning proving grounds and battlefields into playground
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