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Cultivating Healthy Boundaries to Improve Your Mental Health with Minaa B.

February 8, 2022 - 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Tuesday, February 8th at 4:00 PM Pacific Time


During this fireside chat, writer, therapist and wellness coach Minaa B. will share psychoeducation on what boundaries are and share insights on why it’s so difficult for people to set them. With this information, she will share tips and tools on how to implement boundaries in a healthy way to support both your relationships and mental health. This conversation will help those who struggle with anxiety, stress and burnout.


This webinar will be recorded and shared with registrants.


One week after the webinar, join us over Zoom–and lunch–to discuss PBWC’s webinar content, favorite takeaways, and how we can apply our newly-discovered tools to our professional and personal lives. Attendees who register for this webinar will be invited to a February 15th lunchtime discussion when we share the recording via email. Please reach out to with any questions.  

Speaker Information

Minaa B. is a writer, licensed therapist, wellness coach, mental health educator and owner of Minaa B. Consulting, a mental health consulting agency servicing brands and corporations on advancing employee mental health and well-being through keynote speaking, workshops and lectures. At the root of her work, Minaa focuses on the intersection between mental health and social justice, and uses her clinical expertise to teach people how to cultivate self-advocacy and practice community oriented healing. To learn more about Minaa, visit her website at and learn tips from her popular Instagram account @minaa_b